Galaxy Guard

3D simulation feelings scene, as if we are through into the future. To join the Galaxy Guard team, you will be a hero to save the earth!

Rainbow Castle

Shena is an angel and accepted a mission to save Rainbow City,fight against enemy.

Magnetic Tank

 This is a shooting game.In this game, players can use the keyboards ‘W’,’A’,’S’,’D’ to move the tank to avoid from the bullets of the enemies . They can control the tanks to roll over enemies to kill them, click the left mouse button to launch the guns to destroy a single enemy, or press the spacebar to trigger lightning to kill and clear all of the enemies on screen.

Devil World

 Ladies and gentlemen,there will have a big show tonight,a fight between justice and turpitude.

Long long ago,people lived a peaceful life,however,the princesses from different kingdoms were controlled by evil try to built Devil Alliance to control the good citizens and dominate this world.
However,two adorable workers KIM and RAROM want to save princesses,they panned to fight against the alliance to save this world and beautiful princesses. Will they make it? We'll see.

Brave Heart v7.0

The forest is occupied by evil goblin.Wing and Ken,the bravest people in the world,is going to the forest to cleansed of all evil.Their mission is to destroy all the goblin on the screen as quick as possible.It is easy to destroy the goblin by entering the commands to release the skills.

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